Our Mission

Our mission is to create and maintain enjoyable and responsible trails for cyclists, hikers, and trail runners in the Lake Shelbyville area.

Our History

The Central Illinois Mountain Bike Association was established in 1998 by mountain biking enthusiasts Stacy Stinson, Jason Kassis and Paul Rawson to provide opportunities for off road cycling throughout central Illinois. Their work in establishing relationships with regional land managers including the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Decatur Illinois Park District and others, constructed and opened numerous trails to cycling. By 2004 job transfers, family obligations, and other responsibilities meant that new leadership was needed to continue CIMBA's goal of further trail advocacy in our area.

In 2005 area resident Doug Schneider learned of the mission that CIMBA had begun, and desired to continue its work. After meeting with Stacy, Jason and Paul, he was given the opportunity to keep the club active, and singlehandedly took on the job as CIMBA president, treasurer, and trail supervisor. Doug reestablished contact with area land managers, organized workdays at Camp Camfield, a nature preserve located southwest of Sullivan, and in 2006 established a mountain bike race that was held annually through 2011.

To date our club has sharpened its focus to the Lake Shelbyville region. In 2007 Doug moved into an advisory role and remains as a CIMBA member. Eric Harris is currently CIMBA president, and with help from many dedicated members including founders Jason and Paul, is working to continue the original goal of increasing opportunities for mountain biking in central Illinois.

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